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Ceramic and Mixed Media Sculpture

Porcelain is a primary material; utilising its properties of luxury and strength to create thin lightweight components which are often juxtaposed with found detritus - purity and the damned. An interdisciplinary methodology encourages curiosity to uncover versions of happiness. When re-imagining new life for the overlooked and discarded, my underlying process is of playfulness - a light touch - simply defining the divining of an essence. For me, clay is something to be poked, prodded and torn; it is subdued only when absolutely necessary.

Allow what is to be

Risks are taken with materials and glazing but this enables magic to happen. In testing the boundaries of these materials I am encouraging the unforeseen; creating discrete objects.


Hooked-fish-beach-Lyme-Regis Birth-of-sputniks-woods-woven-wire-porcelain