Been inspired by The Great Pottery Throwdown? Got some clay, started making ceramics but have no kiln to fire your pots or sculpture? Need a kiln to test glazes or maquettes. 

At Combewater Studios we can fire your work at reasonable prices. 

Our eco-kiln uses electricity efficiently. Small batches ensure a rapid through-put of work - no waiting for enough pieces to fill the kiln before firing. 

We can bisque and glaze fire your work up to 1300º. 

Renting the whole kiln means a less likelihood of calamities caused by other makers errors.

Please note:

  • For unusual pieces, local clay which has been dug up, etc. a sagger will need to be used to protect kiln elements. We can help you with making one.
  • Make sure clay walls are no more than 2cm thick and dried out completely.
  • Please check before adding anything else to the clay before firing. You will probably need a saggar for this as well to protect elements.
  • Ensure that all glaze has been wiped off any part of the clay piece which will sit on the kiln shelf so it does not fuse to the kiln shelf during firing.
  • Before making, check the internal dimensions of the kiln - the clay will shrink from 5 - 20% depending on the type of clay, but it needs to get past the bisque firing first!
  • You will need to provide your own glaze. CTM near Exmouth / Exeter are the nearest suppliers of industrial glazes.

There is always a chance that things go wrong with ceramics and kiln firings, no matter how experienced. Sometimes we are in the lap of the kiln gods, and these things have to be accepted as part of the ceramic journey. We cannot be held responsible for any failures during the firing process.

Please message Alison on 07811 102216 or email: to discuss your ceramics and kiln availability.