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For the last 7 years, Jess Strain has developed and grown as a climate-and social-conscious textile artist. She forages in the wildlands of Dartmoor for natural dyes, this led her to understand the complex, nuanced and exploitative web of the textile supply chain. In 2021, Jess started her own sustainable accessories brand called Ovrbloom which seeks to open a wider conversation about the origin of our wardrobe via transparent supply chain report cards for every single product.

Studying at Loughborough University, she gained a First Class Honours degree in Textiles: Innovation and Design in 2020. Jess is a highly trained embroidery and textile designer, often spending 100 hours on a single piece of embroidery. 

She has recently won the Innovate UK Young Innovators Award 2021/22 which has allowed her sustainable accessories business Ovrbloom to begin manufacture and become a reality.

Jess Strain textiles Jess Strain textiles Jess Strain textiles

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