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Jenny Gracie statement

An integral part of my basket making is foraging for materials that have been cast adrift. On my daily walk I immerse myself in my environment, finding handles in fallen branches, texture in wind-blown catkins and colour in discarded twines. My baskets provide both the perfect vessels to weave around my found treasures and the most beautiful way to carry them home.

Jenny Gracie willow weaving

Jenny Gracie is a willow artist and basket maker who lives and grows her own willow in Devon. She first encountered willow growing in the garden of her home and has cultivated both her willow bed and her knowledge of its uses, over the last 18 years.

Combining a degree in Integrated craft with professional basketry training allows Jenny to celebrate both the historical and traditional elements of basket making and explore more contemporary interpretations of her craft.

Fundamentally it’s the low-tech way of working with local, natural, and sustainable materials that motivates Jenny.

“I find myself endlessly fascinated by the alchemy that occurs when skilled or inquisitive hands work these ancient weaves with humble plant materials. The undiluted simple beauty of pieces made from natural materials thrills me and always leaves me wanting to explore yet more colour and texture combinations.”

In addition to making work for exhibitions, shops and individuals, Jenny offers her skills, and joy of making to others who attend the willow workshops she teaches through her business ‘Making Space To Make’. Here she aims to enable participants to take time to explore and reconnect with the simple but powerful joy of making by hand.

Jenny Gracie willow weaver

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