Bobby the WhippetDrawing a Wreathdrawing_ringsdrawing-trapper-basketdrawing-beadsdrawing-buddha-bowldrawing-sheep-jawdrawing-foxgloveAlison Brown_Blue porcelain fish wreath + Sketchbookpen and ink dog drawing Alison Shelton BRownDog poo drawing Alison Shelton BRownCocker spaniel drawing ALison Shelton BRown
Drawing is a fundamental part of the making process for me. Putting down the lines and colour which I see in my minds eye as projects progress, or as a record of a passing moment, like the beautiful blue whippet, Bobby who was having the best time down on the beach at Trebarwith Sands, Cornwall. As another way to document what interests and inspires me, it forces a closer look at what surrounds and captures my attention.