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Alison Shelton Brown

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Making with meaning is fundamental to me. As a multi-disciplinary artist, experimenting with mixed-media causes my butterfly brain to flutter with thoughts of ceramics, metal or textile. I love the malleability of clay, torn edges and tactile surfaces, patina and rust. Bold statement jewellery often with an environmental message. Subtle sculptural objects inviting closer inspection. Inspiration is found searching for the unexpected on local woodland walks in Devon or recycling discarded detritus down at the beach. I make contemporary sculpture to adorn and ornament the body or a space.

Divining the essence of a form, a simple joy unfolds.

Flotsam or What's left behind

Evidence of previous lives are found washed up on our beaches in sea-twine and detritus. Rich pickings are found at the derelict dump gradually sliding down the cliff at Lyme, or dug up rusty bent nails in the garden. These can be inspired materials to incorporate in both my sculptural ceramic pieces and wearable art jewellery. Seeing the potential and revealing a new life for the discarded. 

An idea can be resurrected and reformed, old work can be remade and re-imagined into perhaps a better, more complete piece. What's left behind keeps my eyes to the ground; a true magpie searching for the glittering treasure.

ALison Shelton Brown Large Pearl Alison Shelton Brown Amphitrite's Net Alison Shelton Brown Pebble Jewellery

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