Winsley Art Group show

Painting Exhibition in Bradford on Avon, Wilts

I've organised shows for artists and others for over thirty years now and I do enjoy it. The Winsley Art Group are eleven painters who have been learning and painting together under the tutelage and expert gaze of Jonathan Mulvaney for many years. However, although we can never stop learning and improving there comes a time when the work deserves to be seen by a wider audience.

This will happen at the historic West Barn, Bradford on Avon in October for two days only. Focusing on mostly painting techniques, here is the opportunity to see all their work together for the first time. I am so impressed and can't wait to hang the work in a professional location. 

A group of people become more than the sum of their parts when they meet often, they share their lives as well as their inspiration, learning from and with each other through encouragement and support, withdrawing from the mundane to examine the joy and delight of line, colour, texture.

This is a chance to view and purchase a selection of their recent work at affordable prices. Maybe you will be inspired to pick up a paintbrush and learn new skills too?

Saturday 8th - Sunday 9th October

Open 9am - 4pm

West Barn, Pound Lane, Bradford on Avon 

Maggie Martin Winsley Art group Maggie Martin 'The Open Gate'

Ruth Davies Winsley Art Group  Ruth Davies 'Staithes'

Anne Deven Winsley Art group  Anne Deven 'Clovelly'

Pippa Wrigley Winsley Art group  Pippa Wrigley 'Burrow Mump 1'

Richard Gardiner Winsley Art Group  Richard Gardiner 'Solva'

Caroline Williams Winsley Art Group  Caroline Williams 'Watchet Lighthouse'

Judy Meats Winsley Art Group  Judy Meats 'The Bridge at Iford'

Melanie Towns Winsley Art group  Melanie Towns 'Kitchen Flowers'

Sue Pryor Winsley art Group  Sue Pryor 'Moon Jug'

Ann Hines Winsley Art group  Ann Hines 'Donkey Power, Cuba'

Joanne Norgate Winsley Art Group  Joanne Norgate 'St Ives Harbour'

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