Precious Things in Times of Uncertainty

 Fish brooch in porcelain clay at Alliages jewellery gallery, Lille. Alison Brown

Alliages gallery has linked up with Precious.Collective again to show twenty international contemporary art jewellery makers in Lille, France over the summer. It is wonderful to finally believe we may be turning a corner.


We are still living in uncertain times, however, as new Covid variants emerge only to change rules and alter our plans and dreams. Over the past year I have found that what I considered important and precious has changed. Themes of environmental sustainability have come to the forefront and have tangled amongst my making in isolation. Being unable to drive ten miles down the road to the beach became more precious when we were finally allowed to do so, and therefore what I found there more treasured - sea twine, ammonites, textured glass for surface patterns.

Fish seem to have dominated my work too, caught or contained in wire traps or vessels. Some tangle in plastic sea twine - a reminder that our oceans are in peril and therefore so are we as a human race. Making with a message has become essential to me as I endeavour to use fewer new materials, and recycle to reduce wastage wherever possible. 

Precious Things in Times of Uncertainty is on from 11 June to 18 September 2021.

Precious Things in Times of Uncertainty contemporary art jewellery in LilleAlison Brown_Ghost Fishing necklace, Precious Things in Times of Uncertainty, Alliages


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