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Design-Nation : Our Journey is the first blog by Liz Cooper featuring makers in the Excellence category which surprisingly I'm included in. I did think that my work would be a better fit in the Diversity or Sustainability categories, but I'll take Excellence! I've been working long enough to trying to achieve that! I can't wait to cross the country to see the show in April when I'm also delivering a talk with Linda Bloomfield on Ceramic Glazes. 

We were asked to give brief answers to the following:

1. What excites you about excellence in craft and design? 
Beauty and innovation, a confidence in making built up over many years of practice and refinement in thinking and process.
2. What do you strive for the most in your own work?
An authentic voice. Uncovering new ways of making, stretching ideas and finding the joy in creatively exploring a disparate variety of materials and techniques. 
3. In which other area(s) of life does the notion of excellence become important to you?
There are many areas of life when ‘good enough’ is exactly that - good enough, but as an artist I have to keep exploring and pushing and challenging and to have fun doing it. I never want to stop learning and adding to my knowledge and experience of artistic disciplines and craft techniques.

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