New Website

At long last.

When I did Shopify training in January I didn't intend to redo my website, having spent months re-designing my Wordpress one last Autumn. However, I was seduced by the ease of Shopify and the fact that I was able to sell/book courses, plus there is a chance that someone might actually want to buy some of my work! 

It also gave me a chance to change my web address as I feel that ceramics does not accurately describe what I make when I use so many other materials and techniques. Porcelain will always be my primary go to material, it is delicious and difficult to use, but I also love texture and textiles and rusty metal and the odd and the overlooked, the foraged and found.

Robin and I intended to get married last year but got waylaid by the pandemic so hopefully this summer I can legally add Shelton to my name. 

So now that the website is live and Robin is making good progress on renovating the outbuildings for studios and classes, we look forward in June to providing a warm welcome to all, and hope that many more will join us in our journey towards achieving eco-sustainable and creative living in a truly lovely corner of Devon.

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