New studio renovation

Combewater Studios  Combewater Studios

When embarking on a renovation it's always useful to keep in mind what you started with.

This was previously a piggery and part of an odd assortment of outbuildings in our garden, filled with spider webs, compost, junk, mould and leaking because the garden was 3' up against the wall. Yes, the window glass had been painted blue and yellow and covered in ivy!

Five years later and it's the turn of this ramshackle storage area to be transformed into a warm, dry studio for me. 

Combewater Studios Devon    

First of all though a new shed needs to be built to store stuff, with the help of Quinn the mutt who was ably assisted by Robin's son Gabe.


Through some freezing ice, snow, and rain Derek and Robin have worked tirelessly, hopefully cheered by enough coffee and cake breaks.


End of week four, and it's the inside stuff - electrics, water, flooring, painting, shelving etc left to do. We have always tried to recycle materials where possible so were delighted to find some patio doors offered on Trash Nothing - always worth a browse each morning. They let in plenty of light from the west.

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