Material Matters at MAKE Southwest


Bridget Macklin, Susan Kinley, Maxine Greer, Alison Shelton Brown

It's been a busy few weeks for me with organising both Elements show at Lyme and this Materials Matters at MAKE Southwest (formerly Devon Guild). Introducing our cluster group Design-Nation Cornwall & Devon and featuring ten of the members. 

Design-Nation is the leading portfolio for craft, design and product in the UK. It supports authentic, exceptional craftsmanship and design ability nationwide. Its aim is to strengthen business and creative development opportunities for the contemporary design and craft sector. Design-Nation along with Devon Guild is committed to shaping the future development and innovation of this important sector as part of the wider creative economy.

Formed in June 2020, the Cornwall and Devon Cluster is part of a new initiative by Design-Nation to foster links between its members within regions, this was particularly precious during the pandemic when creative endeavour was made in isolation.

Alison Shelton Brown & Helen Eastham, Sam Isaacs, Maria Andrews


We are makers of jewellery, ceramics, glass, sculptural silver, lighting, wearable art, textile and video. United not only through a love and affiliation with the landscape of the South West, but also of materials and making. From precious silver to recycled car parts, velvet offcuts to polished ceramic, this show demonstrates the skills of local makers mastering a wide variety of different materials and techniques, celebrating the tactility of objects and natural forms. Telling stories with fabric of comfort and home. Environmental messages concerning the plight of our oceans and the necessity to conserve resources. Treasuring our surroundings and taking those stimulating thoughts back into the studio where new ideas gradually swirl and percolate.

In a world of global uniformity and over consumption, we present a unique collection of work in praise of slow making, heritage skills, and creative re-use of discarded objects.

Materials matter to us. They inspire us to create and innovate, for the domestic space or to adorn the body. Beautiful objects to cherish, made with passion and care.

Abigail Brown, Carine Lindberg, Alex o'Connor

Alison Shelton Brown

On now until Saturday 12 March 2022 open Wednesday-Saturday

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