London Calling pt1

Kazuhito TakadoiHattori Makiko
So with the fuel crisis still in full swing, I caught the train to Waterloo this week to see real craft for real. The only true way to appreciate skill and materials. First stop was the V&A for some inspiration. I always visit the Fashion gallery and this time it was the Jacques Griffe 1951 evening dress which caught my eye, because of its fringing probably. Then to the Japanese rooms where there is a beautiful Kazuhito Takadoi woven sculpture (I had a lovely chat with him at Artefact when he was showing with jaggedart in the summer). I love the shadows the pieces throw against the fall. Opposite is an exquisitely hand-made porcelain vessel by Hattori Makiko, which must have taken many many hours to create from tiny thin strips of clay.
Breon o'CaseyTone Vigelund
Upstairs in the jewellery galleries there is always something to take home. The Breon o'Casey gold and carnelian necklace was so reminiscent of the copper feather pieces I was making this summer, yet I have no memory of noticing this necklace during previous visits. Again, the Tone Vigelund silver collar of 'feathers' or 'leaves' reminds me of my porcelain Feather Boa. I guess in the end there are hints and suggestions wherever we look, for potential ideas and inspiration. I must have seen the Italian red bow and hollow gold beads before but it has triggered a new train of possibilities for me now using the porcelain beads I've been making this year. I think I could easily go large on the bow solution as well. Plenty to ponder over and get excited about.
Jo TaylorValeria NascimentoNicholas Lees
Then it was a beautiful sunny walk up Brompton Road to Belgrave Square and the Argentine Embassy which a group of my favourite galleries had been very fortunate to be able to display work over two floors. Utterly sumptuous. Jo Taylor's ceramics greeting us in the foyer, then Valeria Nascimento's delicate 'flower's' nestled over an exquisite bureau next to an Alice Walton vessel. Nick Lees' round bottomed vessels made me laugh jostling so close to a rather gorgeous naked butt.
Chris DayCavaliero FinnAndrea Salvatori
Upstairs, Chris Day's glass /metal sculptural pieces, glinted in the dappled sunlight in the window. Lovely to see him again. And great that Cavaleiro Finn always try to co-ordinate clothing with their artists, this time Bjork Haraldsdottir who had a huge room all to herself, fabulous. Then the flying stars I thought looked wonderful against the large tapestry in the end room by Andrea Salvatori.
Kazuhito Takadoi 
Finally for this section, yet more Kazuhito Takadoi suspended above the sweeping stairs, and a beautiful ceremonial hat featuring a good amount of yellow and tassel.
Crafting a Difference was curated by Andrea Harari and Brian Kennedy. What a complete delight to be able to peep inside one of these historic buildings and also view some master paintings and tapestries too.

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