London Calling

It is now nine months since I was last in London and visiting my parents, so I was delighted this week to be able to see family, visit some wonderful galleries at Artefact, Chelsea Harbour and talk to real people instead of via Zoom.

Frances PinnockForm Made From at Chelsea HarbourForm Made From at Chelsea Harbour

First stop was chatting to the lovely Frances Pinnock about her research as a QEST recipient exploring the use of thick leather for sculptural vessel forms. Then to find the Crafts Council Hothouse 2019 cohort to see Form Made From beautifully curated by Brian Kennedy. A fabulous variety of materials and techniques which sum up the talent that Hothouse has tried to encourage in the past. 

Eusebio SanchezMaria JonesDalia James

It was lovely to talk with Dalia James (Tapestry right) and Eusebio Sanchez (Ceramic sculpture left) who has cultivated some delicious volcanic glaze surfaces. Marie Jones' knitted shopping list and Mitch Pilkington's precisely sculpted stoneware vessels (top right). An inspiring collection of makers which sits very comfortably with the commercial art galleries in the main atrium at the Design Centre. 

 Nick LeesDaniel MirchevVessel Gallery

Cavaliero Finn always bring together a varied and interesting collection of artists; great to see Nick Lees' lathe carved ceramic vessels. Cube Gallery displayed the stunning carved wooden wall panel by Daniel Mirchev. Robin and I shared a table at lunch with Cathryn Shilling and Chris Day who are being shown by Vessel Gallery (right), it was great to meet them and learn more about their glass and mixed media work, and also hear Chris talk about the meaning in his making in the Material Matters conversation with Grant Gibson, Kate Malone and Bill Amberg on Tuesday.

 Clare MaletJo TaylorPark Sung-Wook

Vessel Gallery have done well in this blog! I loved the intricacy of Claire Malet's vessel (left) and Jo Taylor's scrolling wall pieces (middle). On the right is a snap of Park Sung-Wook's ceramic wall work shown by Lloyd Choi Gallery. I first came across his work at Collect in 2017 and loved the deceiving simplicity of surface and subtle glaze colours. For some unknown reason I haven't any shots of jaggedart's space which had so many of my favourite artists, maybe this was a visit to discover new favourites?

I also have to mention Simone Brewster who took part in Grant Gibson's discussion about Collectors on Thursday. A multi-disciplinary artist who refuses to be pigeon-holed but makes what she is passionate about making. I have to take heart from her that it is possible to take a position without compromising your art practice. Follow your heart.

 Artefact at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour 22-29 June 2021

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