I think most of us would agree 2020 has been a pretty tough year to negotiate, particularly if you are setting up a new business. However, I felt rewarded for all the trials and tribulations when two days before Christmas I found an email from Klimt02 in Barcelona inviting me to join their contemporary art jewellery organisation. This is widely recognised as the leading go-to place to find fabulously inventive and talented jewellers who celebrate the world of wearable art. I feel honoured to be in such esteemed company.

I need to whittle down my work to fifteen images, and couldn't decide, so am making something new - some 'wearable' pieces that celebrate the year of lockdown using the woven wire technique I developed over last summer, which Robin and I will hopefully photograph on the beach tomorrow... provided we aren't locked down completely by Boris tonight at 8pm!

Little handheld wire containers for collecting useful things. I love the shadows they throw, like scribbled drawings on a wall. Small Trapper Baskets.



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