Design-Nation at the Platform

Showcasing the development and innovation of members based in the North West of England, with guest exhibitors from Design-Nation's Cornwall & Devon hub; celebrating the heritage of craft and the wealth of creative talent in the North and South of England.

Amulets - Alison Shelton Brown Porcelain amulets - Alison Shelton Brown Porcelain and feather Amulet - Alison Shelton Brown

For this show I have selected a range of amulets made over the past few years. One of the after effects of lockdown has meant that work made just never got a chance to be seen in public, so by revisiting some pieces stored in the studio, ideas have been reworked and I believe are stronger for the new edit. For me, there has been a circularity of themes and ideas over the years, elements emerge after a time of slumber to evolve and reintroduce themselves in a modified form. 

My favourite museum is always an ethnological one, and the Pitt Rivers in Oxford is endlessly fruitful for me. They have a large collection of amulets from all over the world and it was these along with the carved ivory scrimshaw seen at the British Museum which initially inspired these textured porcelain pieces. 

Platform Gallery, Station Road, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 2JT

17 July to 18 September 2023


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