Craft Festival at Bovey Tracey

Craft Festival at Bovey Tracey with Design-Nation Cornwall & Devon
This September I will be taking part in Craft Festival at Bovey Tracey, along with five other members of Design-Nation Cornwall & Devon. It's a new departure for me as I don't really make really commercial work, but it's worth trying something new and it is a good venue. Plenty of care is being given to social distancing measures, plus we have our own tent outside of the marquees, so will have plenty of space to move around. 
I have made a new range of necklaces based on the statement pebble beads I wore at Collect 2020, these are much smaller and lighter, incorporating textures found at the beach - shells, ammonites, electrical components! I've also used eco-silver for the chains because everyone likes a bit of glitz.
Pebble bead necklace with eco-silver Alison Shelton BrownAlison Shelton Brown wearing pebble porcelain beads with eco-silverAlison Shelton Brown with porcelain pebble beads and eco-silver chain
I'm also bringing along a few tea bowls and dishes which feature the same textural glazes I've used on the jewellery. 
Alison Shelton Brown Sandy stoneware dishPorthminster tea bowl, Porcelain Alison Shelton BrownAlison Shelton Brown turquoise glazed stoneware dish
I find tactile objects irresistible. These are small abstract canvases which change in the light and keep giving up new vistas when handled or seated on a table.
In addition to the vessels and necklaces I'll bring along some birds so I can hang some Bobble earrings over the beaks - both display furniture and object!
Ceramic bird on rock Alison Shelton BrownAlison Shelton Brown and porcelain Bobble Earrings
These birds have been around me a long time - since I had my first ceramics studio at Corfe Castle nineteen years ago. They've altered over time and become more sophisticated too I think. Sometimes the charm of objects stays with you a long time. I feel these have longevity, which is important when we consider using natural resources for what some may say are frivolous things. But if this brings a bit of joy and a smile I consider that a good job done when times are tough, and certainly have been over the past year and a half.
Craft Festival at Mill Marsh Park, Bovey Tracey from 10-12 September 2021. Tickets need to be pre-booked.

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