A Rainbow for Amélie

My granddaughter asked me to make a rainbow rug for her new bedroom for Christmas this year. I'd not hooked a rug for years so it was a joy to raid my fabric boxes and play with colour during the dark days of December.

When I was fourteen I was told by my art teacher that I had 'no sense of colour'. This was a dashing blow to me because even then I knew I wanted to go to art school. These off the cuff remarks can last a lifetime, but I am finally believing that she was wrong, and have enjoyed mixing colours and textures in this small project. However, it has also been an erroneous belief of mine that a rainbow starts with red on the inside, not the outside! 57 years and I never knew that!! We keep learning, I expect Amélie knows that though; being four and a connoisseur of all things unicorn, etc. Hopefully, she will forgive my error, because I was hooking the green before I discovered my mistake and was not going to unpick it all!

Apart from environmentally-consciously using up fabric ends, it was particularly lovely to include a pale lemon vintage cotton which used to be my mother's maternity nightie, made for her by my great aunt Mary. A generational heirloom and a legacy.

A promise of sunshine after rain, and a better year for us all in 2021!


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